Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Save Money and Battery with these SmartPhone Tips

When you want your battery to last a bit longer, follow these steps.

  • Dim The Display
  • Turn off Bluetooth
  • Turn off Wifi
  • Turn off sounds or use headphones.

Installing App Updates uses both battery and internet bandwidth.

Best Streaming Devices - Apple TV | Chromecast | Amazon Fire

Internet connected TV has become quite popular the past couple of years, with many devices to choose from, including Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast and more. Any TV with a HDMI port can become a Smart TV with one of these affordable mini computers.

Google Chromecast

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Chrome Browser Tips: "Read Later", Bookmarklets, Sharing

Some more tips for Google Chrome.

Using bookmarklets to share a page to social media (pinterest,twitter,etc.) saves you the pain of having to install an app. "How to use bookmarklets"

Bookmarking things in a "read later" folder:

When I'm on a Website I'd like to Read Later I Bookmark it into a folder 

Easy in Chrome – Two ways to Fave a Page:

  • Click the Star in the Address Bar — Select a folder.
  • Or just drag the Secure Site Icon straight to your Desktop, into a Folder, or to your Bookmarks Bar — it makes a shortcut to the page you are reading.

https secure site icon
The only problem is my Read Later folder was filling up faster than I could possibly read (even with a speed-reader).

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Where Bed Bugs Come From and How People Get Them

Bedbugs, lice, and roaches are mankind's biggest pests and have been following us since the stone age, and likely even before.
bed bug life cycle illustrated picture
The Bed Bug Life Cycle
Roaches can be found anywhere there's food, but bed bugs are found mainly in people's houses - and like mosquitoes they live on blood. They live in the mattress, in the bedsheets, in clothes, and in furniture (mostly couches, beds, and chairs). In some countries they are called Wall Lice (veggdyr) or 'Furniture Lice'.

How do people get bedbugs?

Or rather how to not get bed bugs.
If a person has bed bugs in the house they can attach to your clothes. If you're unlucky you bring them home and they might multiply.
They find you by your smell - the CO2 your breathe out and maybe also heat from your body, which is how they find their way to beds and soft furniture.

Video: How To Inspect for And Find Bedbugs

How to get rid of bed bugs

Here are some options:
  • A CO2 machine specifically designed to attract and trap bed bugs
  • A professional exterminator